Foods That Improve Digestion

According to the experts, it is easy to figure out the exact amount of diet consumption, but it is not as easy to track those foods which provide good transit and you stay away from health problems like bloating. To stop dealing with digestive discomfort once you have finished eating, you are suggested to pay attention to the foods that will help you stay healthy.


Pears are a very important source of fiber that has a beneficial role for digestive health. Their role is to soften faeces, increasing muscle mass and thus facilitating their elimination from the digestive tract. This should preferably be kept constant, as this is better absorption of nutrients, the risk of suffering from intestinal diseases is very low and weight problems will disappear.




A good yogurt should not contain powdered milk, sugar and other ingredients except milk and lactic ferments. Therefore, carefully choose quality yogurt and eat it because it is very helpful for digestion, improve the immune system and protects us from infections of the digestive tract. Also, yogurt has to be on the list of people who have problems with constipation.




Ginger is known from ancient times. It has significant important role in digestion, relieves stomach problems. If you are experiencing pain, nausea and vomiting, it is recommended to consume ginger tea or include ginger in your food recipe when you are preparing your meal. Other spices that can help in this situation are cinnamon, salvia and thyme.





Prunes are considered as a healthy snack because you can find plenty of minerals and vitamins which are effective for your health. Four to five prunes contain more than 100 calories, so you can use them as a snack whenever you feel the need for something sweet. This will stimulate bowel movements because they are recognized as being very helpful for people suffering from constipation.



Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea soothes the stomach problems quickly. It is recommended to drink a warm cup of chamomile tea, half an hour after you eat, because it will help in digestion.

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