How to Choose Fresh Fish

Fish is very healthful, easy to make and assist to have imperative function in modern cooking. However, we must remember that the fish is an unpreserved product. The stained fish usage can source the influence of uncertain poisoning. Buying fresh whole fish you need to choose that which represents radiant scales; gills are pink or red, eyes bulging and gray, with black pupils and transparent iris.

The odor of fresh fish is hygienic and satisfying. If the scales are kept low, gills turned up with dirty-brown color then the product is clearly not available with first freshness. This is due to the truth that when fishes are caught it begins active release of ammonia. The meat of these fish survives better than 1-2 days after the catch and then cook. All other species of fish freshly gives delicious taste.

Unfortunately, more often they come to us in the form of chilled and frozen form but the meat after dissolving should be supple and strong, even though mild. If the fish is exposed to freezing for few times then it will spread while cooking. With the meat of fish it is better to cook burgers or meatballs. Frozen fish – if it is frozen good, solid and when tapped produces sonorous sound then its scales become tighten to the skin and have no damage and stains.

The freshness of frozen fish you can determine if it appears with shiny scales, smooth skin, and eyes bulging. If you stick it in the thickness of the meat knife heated in boiling water, and then smell it to feel appetizing consciousness. Fresh fish has a dense meat, pressing a finger hole on the surface of the fish are either not formed or rapidly disappearing. If it is thrown into the water fresh fish will be sinking swiftly.

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