How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you want to get rid of those nasty few pounds that were made especially on the thighs and around the waist? The American nutrition experts recommend the easiest way to get rid of these “guests” invited. You should not starve, because there are some foods that literally melt the fat.


* Papaya:
Papaya has the lowest calories of any fruit content (it has 13 calories per 100g) and it is extremely rich in vitamin C. 120 g papaya ensures daily amount of vitamin C which is recommended by the American nutrition’s. Also, these fruits are very low in carbohydrates and that is why this is the perfect snack.



* Lamb:
The meat of lamb is rich in L-carnitine, a substance that melts fat cells. Who eats lamb consumed calories and stimulates fat burning.



* Chili:
Like all the spices, chili warms the body and helps greatly to fat burning. Therefore do not hesitate to consume food spiced with chili and your weight will be reduced.



* Fillet of Beef:
Meat contains more protein and less fat. This high content of zinc food stimulates insulin production, which protects against attacks of hunger. If you want to lose weight, you must eat 150 g of fillet beef every two days.



* Low-fat cheese:
All kinds of low-fat cheese have protein, which helps you to feel full for long. It also contains more calcium, which is another recognized enemy of fat. 100 g of low-fat cheese contains 130 calories and 30 g protein.



* Drinking Mineral Water:
Everyone knows that mineral water contains no calories, so it is much healthier than natural juice or lemonade. In addition, the high content of calcium regulates metabolism and stimulates fat burning. It would be ideal to drink a large glass of water after each meal.



* Consuming Boiled Eggs of Hen:
Eggs are recommended as the healthiest food. If you eat a boiled egg in the morning then you will feel no longer hungry for all day, because the consumption of boiled egg nourishes the body with proteins and vitamins.



* Eating Soy Foods:
It is recommended to eat soy food at least once a week. Soy contains many proteins that your body tolerates them better than milk protein. In addition, soy protein reduced extra muscle mass fat and prevents with effective sudden fattening after a diet.



* Consuming Endive:
Like lettuce, endive also contain less calories than cucumbers, it has 110 calories per 100 g. Chicory are also strong food that can be chewed. And chewing makes you feel full. As well as their bitter taste makes you perfect to loose your belly fat.

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