Low Calorie Foods That Burns Fat

If you want to lose weight as according to the premises of any diet plan then refrain from consuming negative calorie foods. Such foods require more energy to be digested; therefore the body uses fat deposits but food with low calories can be eaten in large amounts without getting any fat deposits in your body. Some low calorie foods include: celery, lettuce and grapefruit.

Celery: 19 calories/serving

A cup of celery contains only 19 calories, but the body uses more calories to digest and eliminate it. So you can eat as much celery without endangering your figure. In addition celery has curative properties therefore include it in your diet menu to maintain general health.




Lettuce: 8 calories / serving


Unlike celery, lettuce contains far fewer calories (about 8 calories in a cup). The number of calories can increase considerably if more than high fat salad dressings will be added.





Grapefruit: 74 calories/serving

Grapefruit is another good remedy for your health, whereas a cup contains only 74 calories. In addition, a grapefruit play an important role in the detoxification process and improves metabolism. Moreover it contains an antioxidant which is responsible for the bitter taste of the fruit. Besides that protects the body from various diseases; naringenina found in grapefruit helps liver to burn fat instead of storing them. That is why nutritionists recommend replacing sweets with grapefruit and other citrus to maintain health.


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