The Rice Diet Plan

The diet of rice can be a tough one because severe limitation of some certain nutrients is the main feature of this diet. It is not necessary to repeat it more than once a month, and the recommended duration is required for up to three days. During the day you can only eat a cup of rice (cooked), does not need to measure the glass with raw grains, namely boiled.


It should be eaten in small portions and washed down with apple juice. You can drink the water. Option of mild (gentle) rice diet – This embodiment is designed for ten days, and repeating this diet can be done at once after every 60 days. During the day you can eat about half a kilo of rice, it is natural to measure 500 gr. cooked product.

Besides it is possible to eat fruit or vegetables, a little meat, which can be added during cooking or lean fish (not more than 200 grams). In between meals it is desirable and recommended to eat fruit (500 grams). You need to drink mineral water, herbal teas (not sweet), or apple juice. Strict observance of the menu is not mandatory; you can expand its juices, but only with natural fruit liquids, herbs, light-fat cheeses, dairy food stuffs, milk serum.

If you squeeze apple juice, dilute half a portion with mineral water. There is no need to acquire diluted juices from utility stores, it will be better to make it with own hands naturally. But you should have to be careful that any version of rice diet is required to be taken with the complete exclusion of salt.

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