What Should Be Stored Exclusively In The Fridge

Meat, poultry, fish and their semi-finished products which are intended for cooking in the near future, you may place them on the lowest segment of the refrigerator which is generally a glass lid vegetable slot. Some housewives prefer to put these products to the very top shelf, closer to the evaporator. Indeed, there are lower temperatures but experienced professionals, especially physicians, certainly inform to keep the products away from the top slot.

Because of the random drops from the liquefied meat or fish that has fallen on the cottage cheese, milk, sausage, your home may be at danger of getting unsuitable toxic food. Before you deposit the meat and fish in the freezer, organize the expandable parts and assemble them in synthetic bags. As it turns out to be economical thawed meat has no special need to let it all into action. Freezing thawed meat again you may hopelessly degrade its quality.

It becomes dry, tough and tasteless. But the fish tolerate this treatment well. EGGS need to be refrigerated – Optimally at +2 +4 ° C. You have to provide them with access to air. It is best to lay them so that they do not touch one another. Put them sharp end down to the yolk stayed away from the air chamber in the wide end of the egg – this will allow them to keep fresh prolonged.

The eggs can be reserved in the refrigerator for about a month. However, we must not forget the fact that they absorb odors. Many consumers do not have a clear idea about the modes and timing for the storage of dairy foodstuffs. They are failed to comply with the above rules for their storage which may have been known leading to the serious penalty and health problems.

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