16 Natural Homemade Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is the medical term given to Piles. It is a condition when inner and outer veins of anus and lower rectum gets inflamed or swollen. The symptoms of piles or hemorrhoids included irritation or pain while passing stool and feeling of soreness. When a person passes stool, piles get aggravated because of pressure on the rectal area. In severe cases bleeding can also occur.

Below are Some Natural Homemade Remedies for Seeking Relief from Hemorrhoids

  1. Drinking radish juice two times a day is the most common treatment for piles. Initially takes 1/4th cup and slowly but surely increase it to half a cup.
  2. Soak 3 to 4 dried figs in water, during night. Repeat this two times a day along with the water in which they have been soaked.
  3. Take the peel of pomegranate and boil in some water. Strain and drink this water two times daily.
  4. Add rock salt, ginger and peppercorns to buttermilk and drink this twice daily to reduce the pain felt due to piles. Also mix one ripe mashed banana in 1 cup of milk and drink this to reduce pain due to piles.
  5. To get relief from bleeding due to hemorrhoids, powder 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds and mix it with half a cup of goat’s milk, adding a little sugar. Drink this early in the morning before taking any meal or breakfast.
  6. Mix powder dried mango seeds with 2 teaspoons of honey and eat this mixture two times daily.
  7. Mix a teaspoon of ginger, mint leaves and honey in lime juice and drink this twice or thrice daily.
  8. Jamblang or Jambul is a fruit that is only available in summers, so make the best use of it by eating handful of jambul with a little salt every morning before breakfast.
  9. A mixture of 50 ml each of carrot, turnip leaves juice and spinach is another useful remedy for piles.
  10. Take a mixture or Bitter gourd leaves juice and buttermilk every morning.
  11. Turmeric is known for its best healing and antiseptic properties. Eating 1 teaspoon of ground, fresh turmeric root helps in booting healing.
  12. Apply coconut on the affected areas will give relief from itching and burning.
  13. Add a teaspoon of ground, black cumin seeds to a glass of water and drink once a day in the morning.
  14. Mix two tablespoons of honey to one grated raw onion. Have this twice a day.
  15. Mix one grated raw onion with one table spoon of honey and take this two times daily.
  16. Boil a handful of sesame seeds in 500 ml of water; keep boiling it till it reduced to one-third. Add a teaspoon of butter to this paste and take this once in a day.

So it is now fortunately you can treat hemorrhoids and alleviate the pain caused by them with simple, homemade and natural treatments. Usually health experts first advise people to first try out simple remedies available at our homes, dietary and changes in lifestyle.


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