2 of the most common types of walking aids for seniors

According to statistics, seniors are at a higher risk of falls. This is due to their weakened muscles and sometimes a lack of ability to balance. Due to these factors, seniors often require the use of mobility aids, such as canes, or walkers. 

A person will choose a mobility aid depending on the level of mobility he has. If he is very much mobile, but just sometimes has trouble steadying himself, and wishes he’d have something which could provide him with that extra support, he may be interested in a cane. 

There are different types of canes, and depending on the person’s needs and preferences, he can choose the one that will work best for him. There are single tip canes, with just one tip at the bottom, which offer standard support. This is the most classic kind of cane. Then there are tripod canes, which come with a three-point bottom, for more sturdy support. The most supportive type of cane of all would most likely be the quad cane, which features a four-pronged base, for optimal support. 

If the tip at the bottom of the cane gets worn out, one can replace it with a new one, instead of purchasing a brand new cane. This can save the cane user a lot of money. A cane also features a handle at the top, where the user can either grasp or rest his hand on, depending on the situation. 

Another type of mobility aid is the walker. The walker is more supportive than the cane; it’s sort of the next step. If a person who currently uses a cane would become less mobile, his best option would be to switch to a walker.

A  walker is a frame with four legs, but three sides, that the person stands in the center of. The back is the open side. 

There are many different walker options on the market. Whether you need a cane or a walker, be sure to get it from a reputable site or store. 

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