Endurobol and its Topsy-Turvy Journey

Do you really need Endurobol for being fit? It does have its advantages, but also some disadvantages. Have you ever heard about Endurobol Somewhere on the internet, or even in the newspaper?

What is it? And why should we be
aware of it? 

Endurobol is a chemical substance, which is also known as GW501516 and Cardarine. As it turns out, GW501516 goes by the name of Endurobol, in the black market.

As we move on with our discussion of Endurobol, we will find that this chemical has a lot of significance in the life of athletes. In the past, once people got knowledgeable enough to know about Endurobol, they started exploiting it. That’s the reason why, a lot of consequences, most of them legal, followed. We will look at it in brief.

Endurobol and its history

Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline collaborated, in the 20th century, for inventing Endurobol. It is considered to be a chemical which has medicinal properties, which can treat metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

But as the invention came out, there were more tests done on the substance. In the year 2007, after some research work, it was found that Endurobol could also cause cancer of some organs. And the cancer could spread rapidly, inside the body.

In the same year, after some more research, it was found that Endurobol could also improve the endurance and physical performance of a person.

Since then, athletes have exploited Endurobol as part of the doping process. When its function got known to people, it let to a massive demand for Endurobol, especially from the sports domain. That’s the reason why there’s a black market for this drug candidate.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) looked into the matter, and they developed a test for detecting the presence of Endurobol. Endurobol, along with some other chemicals, is present in the list of prohibited substances used in order to increase the output in sports activities. If found guilty, WADA takes appropriate legal action against the athlete. Endurobol has been marked unsafe, and therefore its use has also been prohibited by the WADA.

Endurobol, a performance booster!

Even in the 2008 version of Olympics held in Beijing, one of the strict concerns of the WADA was the use of Endurobol.

Athletes could use it as a drug that would improve their physical activity, resulting in better results for them. And at that time, Endurobol was a drug that couldn’t be detected easily with the help of standard tests.

However, gradually, tests were developed, and the Anti-Doping Agency found the solution. However, for fitness freaks, especially who were looking to bulk up, Endurobol proved to be beneficial.

Hitting the gym, also means that a person should intake the right thing for the better growth of muscles. And Endurobol enhanced the whole performance of the person, going to the gym. Therefore, better results were obtained by consuming it.

However, there have also been cases where athletes have been banned due to the usage of Endurobol, for boosting their performances. Valery Kaykov, a famous cyclist, is one such athlete who was banned for the consumption of Endurobol, in the year 2013.

Endurobol and its advantages

As we discussed earlier, for bodybuilders, Endurobol has a lot of advantages. But there are also some other benefits, which are mentioned below.

  • Endurobol can be a useful agonist for treating diabetes.
  • Endurobol boosts the stamina, and it also improves the cardiovascular performance of the individual.
  • Cardio workout sessions, improved results can be found if Endurobol is consumed in proper doses.
  • Endurobol can also help a person in losing fat. The chemical will help in burning more calories, and that too within less time, as it also increases cardiovascular performance.

In conclusion, we can see that Endurobol or Cardarine has had a controversial journey to date. While in some sporting activities, its use is prohibited. But for gym-lovers and fitness freaks, it can prove to be beneficial. It depends on the individual and his way of usage.

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