Give A Makeover to Your Kitchen and Dinner Plate and lose Weight Fast

Set an Anchor.

Anchor is anything which constantly reminds you that how far you have come. There are many options you can choose from. A paper clip chain is best because you can hang it on your closet, or in your food pantry, or on your refrigerator and even in your car so that you can make best choices when you are on the run. For instance if you manage to lose 5 or 6 pounds in first week, you can clip 5 colored paper clips together and so forth. Seeing your chain grow is really inspiring and fun.

Educate Yourself.

Knowledge is strength, and as soon as you find out what you have really been consuming will make it easier for you to stop eating it. Soon you will become disgusted and angered on the fact that has been hidden from you for several years. For instance, you think dairy is healthy for you. When you give it up, you lose some pounds easily, rid all your migraines, stomach problems and allergies as well.

Educate yourself through credible books, documentaries and Internet sites. Here is a list of documentaries to watch: You can educate yourself from credible books, internet sites and documentaries like Fork over Knives, Food Matter, Killer at Large, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Inc., King Corn, Gersan Miracle and Beautiful Truth.

Give A Makeover to Your Kitchen

Aggressively eliminate processed foods and other junks that are bad for you. As yourself, does this food hold you hostage? Are you addicted to such food? Remove all of them and never allow them back in your pantry. It is making you obese as well as it is hurting you from inside so just throw them all out.

After this fill your kitchen with fresh produce and whole foods. This can easily be done at once, or you can also take baby steps by gradually replacing or removing them every day. You will observe a change in your taste buds in a week or two, and it will be quite easier to pitch bad foods.

Give a Makeover to Your Dinner Plate

Remove or decrease you animal protein intake (dairy/meat) and dramatically increase intake of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, leafy greens, seeds and beans. Both calcium and protein can be found in plant based whole foods.

The easiest way to get good food is by drinking juices or green smoothies. It will help you change your taste buds as well as give you and amazing clarity and energy.

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