How Ultrasound Therapy Has Been Utilized to Cure Sports Injuries?


Ultrasound equipment creates sound waves that are sent to different areas of the body. The high-frequency sound waves relax tight muscles, which increases circulation that helps the body to heal faster. The process has become an essential part of the physiotherapy due to its effective results experienced by the patients. It is the most common equipment used by a sports injuries specialist.

How does it work?

The Physiotherapy ultrasound machine produces high frequency sound waves by using mechanical vibration in the metal treatment head of the machine. However, this high frequency sound is not audible to the human ear. The head of the machine is then moved over the area of the body suffering the injury. By moving the head on the skin, the vibrational energy gets transferred into the body tissues.

The ultrasound gets dissipated when come into contact with air. To prevent that from happening, a special gel is placed on the skin to provide a better contact between the head of the machine and the skin. It is also applicable to complete the whole process underwater, as water works as a medium for the ultrasound waves to travel through.

How does the physiotherapy ultrasound effect?

There are many practitioners worldwide who believe that the ultrasound treatment effect positively on injured tissues. There are some theories which prove the positive effects of this treatment method.

Warming Effect

The ultrasound waves create a vibration in the surrounding tissues when applied on the skin, particularly those that contain collagen. The vibrations in the injured tissues produce heat, which can’t be felt by the patient themselves. The extensibility of the structures like tendons, ligaments, scar tissues and fibrous joint capsules due to the increased temperature helps to reduce the pain. In addition, heating also promotes the healing process with a faster pace.

Improves the inflammatory process

When applied to certain injured tissues, this therapy helps to reduce the healing time by accelerating the normal resolution time of the inflammatory process. The reason for the fast healing process is the increased blood flow, which benefits the sub-acute phase of the tissue injury. However, it is advised to avoid ultrasound therapy immediately after the injury.

Ultrasound also accelerates the proliferative healing phase of the tendons and ligament tissues by stimulating the production of more collagen protein. Increased collagen has a positive effect on the scar tissues formed after an injury.

Deeper reach of the waves

Physiotherapy equipments in India can be used with high or low intensity of the frequency of the waves depending on the needed penetration to reach the injured tissues. The lower frequency of the waves is applied to reach injured tissues that are very deep. On the other hand, the higher frequency of ultrasound doses is used for the tissues that are closer to the surface of the skin.

In the end, patients who suffer from acute infections should not be treated with this method. Also, it is advised to avoid the use of the ultrasound on cancerous tissues and recently damaged tissues.

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