Instructions For Pregnant Women

Air and sunshine

Pregnant workers who are working in the institution are sure to spend their time as long as possible in the fresh air after work because due to the fact a certain part of the fetus required oxygen. Oxygen consumption during pregnancy is much higher than normal. Theaters, cinemas and other enclosed spaces depend entirely on the individual perception of the body and the condition of pregnancy.The nausea and dizziness can be somehow cured quite well.


So go to the movies or sitting at home in front of TV to choose your favorable programs but instead of cinema and television the best suggestion for you is a slow walk in the early morning with the light rays of sun. It is very useful not only for pregnant (the sun contributes to the formation of vitamin D in the skin) but also for your upcoming baby. But do not overdo it, because excessive walking under the sun could be harmful to your health.

It is best to start slowly

The first day of sunbathing 5 minutes, adding 5 minutes, and every other day. Stay just 20 minutes total time sunbathing, because it’s not worth for the pregnant woman to take sunbath for more than 20 minutes. Do not forget the head and necessarily protect it with a handkerchief or a hat.

Protect the face from the sun exposure, because appearance of freckles is possible during the days of pregnancy. Do not hesitate to walk even in the rain – just do not forget to dress accordingly. The main thing is every day visit the open air. Only a strong and cold wind can interfere with your daily walk.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the body

It is concern for the purity of the body, this rule is not only required for the pregnant women, but for any self-respecting person. Pregnant women are recommended to wash at least twice a day, morning and evening with warm water. No need to abuse the hot water, as it can disrupt your normal circulation of blood during pregnancy.

It will be convenient to take a shower than bathe in the tub. Because the shower removes dirt from the body, and washing in the bath tub is already polluted with water, vaginal douching is not necessarily recommended, if necessary you should consult with your doctor, who will recommend a special and suitable douching method. Particular attention should be paid to the cleanliness of breasts. Teats should be washed twice a day with lubricated product or baby cream.

Beauty for pregnant woman

Sometimes during pregnancy faces of women changes due to the conditions associated with pregnancy. But that is no reason not to take care of your face. To look beautiful is a dream for every woman. A pregnant woman hair glands increase their activity, they are like greasy hair, so the hair should be washed but not more than 2 times a week.

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