Locate Special Diet To Enjoy Your Summer

In summer, some people may feel the acute need to eat more and more, while others blame a lack of appetite. In the first category, here are some tricks of the season that cut appetite for foods rich in calories.

Eating a Salad: Start by taking lunch or evening by eating a salad rich in vegetables and low in calories. After eating a salad you will see that you will not feel the need to eat foods rich in calories.

Eat fruits and take chromium: Replace sweets with seasonal fruits, such as apricots, nectarines and watermelon, whereas all contain few calories, but all are rich in nutrients which have an essential role in the proper functioning of the body. Eat fruits one hour before meals or two hours after you have eaten. Also, whenever you are craving something sweet, eating watermelon, because it contributes to the installation in the sense shortly after you got high.

At the same time, where always on foods rich in sugars, take into account the possibility of having a shortage of chromium. This mineral is used by the body to transfer glucose from blood into cells, where the sugar is turned into energy. However, the lack of chromium in the body leads to disturbance in this process, the need for which appears to consume sweets.

Washed up on the teeth: Toothpaste and the water of the mouth are staunch allies in the fight against hunger. Menthol content that neutralizes the wonder they lust for sweet or food rich in fat. And when you do you can wash off the toothpaste you use menthol candies because they have the same beneficial effect figure correction.

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