Maintaining Your Dental Health



It is important to eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get your eight hours each night. Everything in your body is linked somehow. Bodily systems overlap and influence each other, so taking care of your body as a whole is entirely important. Your oral health is no exception. Missing a six month check up from your dentist is the equivalent of missing an annual medical check up because, believe it or not, a trip to the dentist is more than just a deep clean of your pearly whites.

Eating for Your Teeth

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about the dentist? What you put into your mouth greatly affects your teeth. Your teeth are bones and require the same nutrients that the rest of your skeleton relies on to function. Dark and leafy greens, almonds, and dairy are some of your teeth’s favourite foods, providing them with protein and calcium that promote healthy enamel and cell growth. Cheese also helps to restore the pH of your mouth if it gets acidic (this happens a lot more than we are aware of). A lower, more acidic, pH in your mouth degrades tooth enamel which can cause teeth sensitivity and weakness. Munching on apples, celery, and carrots acts like giving your teeth a brushing by helping rid of bacteria, and the probiotics of yogurt help promote and restore good bacteria in your mouth. Think about that next time you pack your lunch!

More Than a Scrubbing

When we settle into the dentist’s chair under that horrendous fluorescent light, we are doing ourselves a much bigger favour than simply deep cleaning our chompers. It is still paramount to have these extreme cleanings. These cleanings get into those super difficult to reach places where plaque and tartar can hide, thrive, and wreak havoc. They also polish away any stains you may have accrued on your teeth over those past six months, and they get you a new toothbrush – we are all guilty of not replacing those often enough. However sitting in that dentist chair gets your mouth a medical check-up. Your dentist looks for any signs or symptoms of cavities and caries, gum disease, nerve issues, cancers, and other nasties that you would really rather not be running around with.

Preventative Care

While dentistry seems like an expensive and as-needed service, it should really be treated like any other healthcare. Dental check-ups are preventative measures that, in the long run, will cost you less than any dental emergency would. Especially with dental insurance. If you are one of the lucky ones who has dental benefits from your employer, take advantage of those benefits and take control of your dental health! If not, look for a dental insurance plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. Scores of dentists operate around cities and suburbs – especially in Ontario – so finding a Toronto dentist, a Guelph dentist, or a Hamilton dentist is never a difficult task, although, you do want a dentist that you are comfortable with. Treat looking for a dentist the same that you would looking for a family doctor. Take control of your oral health for a healthier, happier you.

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