Makeup For A Brighter Skin Complexion

In terms to have bright and glowing skin, make appropriate selection of skin care products which proves to be liable in prominence of your skin tone and makes your worth with the most gorgeous features (face, cheeks, lips and eyes) that reflects light and gives you a charming radiant skin texture. First of all, submit an application in form of face moisturizer or makeup based item (means which can permits skin texture with a better grip), then cover your dark circles with concealer and make a habit to use as regular. Then follow these steps:

Step – 1

Submit an application of skincare cream product on the cheekbones using fingers. Start at the cheekbones and stretch it, creating hemispherical motions of your finger. Stop when your finger reaches the right eye corners. By this way you may create an uplifting effect of cheekbones.

Step – 2

Then add some lighting product, apply it just below the eyebrows with the little fingers, which allows the application of quantities suitable for the narrow area by tapping on the illuminator fade. Thus capturing the light eyebrows, the eyes will seem much bigger and brighter.

Step – 3

Again, put some cream highlighter on the little finger and apply a dot on the bow of Cupid (V-shaped dimple on the upper lip). With finger movements spread illuminator. This area is shaded most of the time which will now capture the light and creating a lip enhancing effect.

Step – 4

Finally, apply a coat of translucent powder using facial cotton to fix that skin illuminator to keep the brightness for longer.

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