Natural Remedies to Hair Loss

In USA people are not known for their lush locks. Their daily meal tends to be rich in animal and dairy protein, sugar and harmful fats. Additionally chemicals in shampoo and water are another cause. The only hope is to revamp diet, adding few supplements and shampoo free cleansing can help them deal with the problem of hair loss and damages.

Connection between Diet and Hair Health

There is a strong connection between hair health and diet. Traditional Chinese medicine proves that immoderate consumption of sugar even through excessive fruit, is main contributor of hair thinning and loss. Also overindulging in animal protein and dairy can cause acidic blood and that leads to weak hair. Unhealthy fats congest the hair follicles. Deficiency in iodine and hypothyroidism including dehydration are barriers to healthy hair. To have lustrous and thick locks you need to adopt a whole food diet including vegetables, healthy oils like coconut and olive, seeds, nuts, low sugar berries and seaweed.  Flax and chia seeds are significantly beneficial due to their high essential fatty acid content.

It is better to focus on hair-enhancing supplements like vitamin B especially biotin, zinc, iron and calcium. Also reduce hair thinning DHT which is obtained from hormone called testosterone. Natural ways to block DHT include stinging nettle, green tea, pygeum extract, saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil.

Environmental factors for Hair Loss

City water contains two necessary evils of chlorine and fluoride that irritate the cuticle on the hair shaft and leads to breakage, blocked follicles and shedding. A reliable shower filter is a must for hair health.

Shampoo, filled with cruel additives and cleansers, don’t allow hair to stand a chance. Even with natural brands, hair is exposed of natural oils and later revolt against abuse. To tame this disorder conditioner is then needed. To avoid follicles a simple and cheap remedy are baking soda and vinegar. Mix one table spoon of baking soda to one cup of water shake well and massage to the roots for 2 minutes and rinse well. Next comes the vinegar that boosts shine. Mix a quarter cup white or apple cider vinegar with one cup of water. Pour over hair and rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with face and eyes.

A head full of healthy, lustrous and thick hair is not a fantasy now. Selection of nutrient rich diet, supplementation and shampoo free cleansing can help cure your hair loss and breakage problems.

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