Salad Diet To Lose Weight

There are many effective fruit and vegetable diet, salad diet are the most “fit” in the summer. In addition to getting rid of additional pounds in a short time, but its a little much-8kg in two weeks (from the feedback), this method of losing weight will help to “clean up” the body from unhygienic toxins. Pros to salad diet are evident but the disadvantages are too. Unfortunately, they are not suitable to be eaten without any diet.

The Real Meaning of this Diet

So, what is the salad diet? It’s simple – you need to consume only light salads, with any selection of the vegetables. But there are a few rules.

The First Rule

Transformation of vegetables and fruits is severely prohibited. Salad of vegetables or fruit should be individual. At one meal you can only eat one kind of salad.

The Second Rule

The components of the salad should be either raw or boiled (steamed possible) or baked.

The Third Rule

For the vegetable salad preparation you can add the low calorie sauces: like sour cream, mayonnaise, cream or honey etc. But for the fruit salad as an alternative of lemon juice filling, natural yogurt in small quantities can also be used.

The Fourth Rule

The daily menu should be different accordingly. For example: for the diet it is not compulsory to have only one cabbage salad for the consideration of weight loss.

The Fifth Rule

Food should be taken in small portions, if at all possible after every three hours, regarding dinner it should not be eaten later than couple of hours before sleep.

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