The Impact On Muscle Growth Affected By Alcohol

Alcohol is a major cause of muscle atrophy that you built up over the years. Alcohol is one of the reasons for smoothing the relief of muscle. Despite the fact that health experts are trying to tell us the truth about the dangers of alcohol, the vast majority of people do not listen to their words. The use of alcohol negates all your efforts to build muscle.

Alcoholic beverages have a very strong impact on the human body. They are not so tasty, but these drinks can be considered as a drug because of the effects of addiction, which affects the rest of your life, including relationships with family members, friends, and where you work for your earning. If you really want to keep your muscles perfect with natural health, then you have to be careful to get rid of alcohol consumption, because it can make the useless years of productive work on the constitution. Find out in the following points that what impact is affected by the consumption of alcohol on your body:

1) Estrogen levels are increased and testosterone levels are decreased in the blood

If you want to increase your muscle, you must have to maintain or increase the production of testosterone because the hormone promotes the growth of your muscles. It will be remiss to you as a man, if you will allow estrogen to defeat the level of testosterone, since estrogen can also lead to secondary female sexual characteristics.

2) Alcohol has a harmful effect on protein synthesis

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that your body needs to increase muscle mass. If you break the protein synthesis by taking excessive consumption of alcohol, you will prevent the delivery of amino acids to the muscles. Protein synthesis is slowed by about 20% compared with the norm.

3) It can cause dehydration in the body

Have you ever noticed that every time when you drink alcohol, then you always drink more and a lot of cold water or soda to get rid of thirst? This is due to the fact that, as mentioned in above. There is no doubt that every time you go to the toilet, the body loses the vital vitamins and minerals in the urine. If it goes on and on, then the water body will be missed because of frequent urination.

4) Extra fat is increased due to the excessive consumption of alcohol

Lovers of drinks are known to have huge bellies. This is due to the fact that alcohol is a trigger, triggers fat deposits in the body. One gram of alcohol contains about seven calories, which is the main reason for the increase of unnatural fat. You should monitor the consumption of alcohol, especially if the goal of your training is to maintain ideal body weight and muscle size. A couple of small portions of alcoholic beverage, drink occasionally, not hurt but if the drink are often and in large quantities, you can say goodbye to the dream of the big muscles and a beautiful physique.

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