The Real Dangers of AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid)

Although AWOL, short for alcohol without liquid, is banned in many states in the US, many people are still attempting to utilize this new drug “fad.” Whether it’s people attempting to look “cool,” or trying to get drunk faster, the potential dangers for inhaling alcohol is a debate that is ongoing and currently being researched on. It first appeared in 2004, but it was quickly banned because the US was unsure about its effect on users, as well as those struggling with alcohol addiction.

It’s hard enough being addicted to alcohol, but this invention gets people drunk faster, and with the use of less alcohol (isn’t that the alcoholic’s dream)? If this is true, then it does nothing for addiction except make it worse and more dangerous. You can still get intoxicated, and use it in excess. Alcohol poisoning is also a major issue because users of AWOL might think it’s safe or “lighter” than simply binge drinking. In fact, many people are asking, “What are the potential dangers of smoking alcohol?”

Alcohol Without Liquid

If one inhales alcohol vapor in excess, then there is a high probability that they will experience rapid alcohol intoxication (probably faster than if they drank the alcohol). It bypasses the stomach and liver, and enters the bloodstream very quickly. The potent effect is strong and may be too overwhelming for the inexperienced, or those who are reckless with the machine or device. The fact is that using this method, you are at a higher risk for alcohol overdose, or alcohol poisoning. Here is the worst part: instead of vomiting in order to feel better at the point of intoxication, the user cannot do anything because they cannot get rid of it. It’s in the blood, and it has already affected the brain. In other words, the alcohol is no longer in your stomach, and therefore, there is little or no way of expelling the substance if you are sick.

For alcoholics, they may see this form of consuming alcohol as a quicker fix. But little do they know that it also causes bronchospasms due to the inhalation of vaporized liquid, increasing the risk of lung infections such as pneumonia. Can you imagine this combined with smoking cigarettes or other drugs? The effects on the lungs are damaging and could lead to irreparable health complications, both short and long term.

If you or someone you know is thinking of switching to inhaling alcohol, or using AWOL, please advise them that it is not a safer or better alternative to drinking it. The effects can be worse when used in excess, and it may lead to addiction in the same way or faster. Unfortunately, there are no formal published studies on the negative effects of smoking alcohol, so there are some who are still skeptical about whether or not it is safer than drinking. This is not a reason to go out and find out for yourself if AWOL is a better alternative because the general rule of thumb is that it gets you drunk quicker, as a higher potential for poisoning, and worsens or leads to addiction. These reasons alone should be enough to detract you from experimenting with this new way of consuming alcohol.

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