We spend the most part of our time at home. It is where we retire after a long day of work, the more reason we should create a healthy home environment. Many people assume that eating a healthy diet and doing some exercises is healthy enough, but the atmosphere you live in should be beneficial. There are some simple things you can enhance here and there to create a healthy home environment. Below are tips that can be helpful.

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Create a green living environment

You may not be living in a greenery suburb, but you can make your living environment green. Plant some green grass in your backyard and front yard and blend some colored flowers here and there. According to research, living in a green environment has health benefits. It enhances your peace and offers great relaxation.

A green environment is also a way to combat air pollution since the plants produce oxygen into the atmosphere and consume carbon dioxide. That explains why many homebuyers prefer to buy homes in green neighborhoods. Luckily, owning a home from allows you to create a green living environment as you wish.

Additionally, utilize inhouse plants such as peace lilies, dracaenas, ferns, etc., to clean the air in your house. Inhouse plants eliminate many air pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene, to mention a few.

Use organic cleaning agents.

Many cleaning agents contain chemical ingredients that can cause respiratory problems, headaches, and allergies. That is why there is usually a requirement to use gloves when using them. If you can make your cleaning agents from home natural ingredients, the better. Dedicate some time to creating your cleaning products using Apple cider vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.

If you have to buy, choose an organic cleaning agent or check the label to ensure it has low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs indicate the hazardous levels in the cleaning products.

Eliminate pests

Pests are the number one culprit when it comes to contaminating your living environment. Pests such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents leave traces of contamination on food, surfaces, and countertops in the house, causing stomach infections such as diarrhea, amoeba, and stomach upsets. Especially if you have kids, they often forget to wash hands and are more prone to suffering contamination.

Other pests like dust termites can cause respiratory effects turning your happy family into sneezes and sniffles all the time. Use allergen-proof fabric cases to enclose your mattresses and pillows and ensure you control dust termites at all costs since they are also a threat to your furniture. If your efforts don’t seem to eliminate the pests, involving pest control professionals helps identify their source and get rid of them effectively.

Control mold growth

When you live in a moldy environment, you risk of developing respiratory problems such as asthma. To prevent that, ensure you get rid of mold growth in your home in every way possible. Molds are a result of excessive moisture in the air. It creates damp conditions that are a breeding ground for mildew.

Invest in dehumidifiers or air conditioners in your house or use exhaust fans to neutralize the atmosphere during cooking or running the dishwasher. You can also vent your bathrooms and open the windows and curtains during the day to let in the fresh air.

When you open the windows and blinds during the day, you allow sunlight in your house and fresh air that flushes out any odors and indoor pollutants. Pollutants gradually accumulate in your home and cause health problems, and you can prevent that by improving your indoor air.

Invest in water filters

Even if most of the water we use undergoes treatment at the municipal facilities, you never know the contamination level that occurs after it leaves the treatment facilities. Buying a water filter for your home ensures you have clean and safe drinking water at any moment right from your tap. A water filter eliminates pollutants such as chloride, iron, lead, excess fluorides, odors, and other water contaminants, leaving you with healthy and better-tasting water.

That eliminates the use of plastic bottles that further contaminate the environment since they do not decompose. So, instead of using water you are not sure is healthy, investing in a water filter gives you the long term benefits of convenient, clean water in your home. Additionally, it prevents you from exposure to contaminated water if there is an accidental leak in the water pipes while the maintenance measures are underway.

Eliminate dirt inside the house

Try as many ways as possible for keeping dirt and contamination out of your house. Declutter from time to time and vacuum your home regularly. Wash dirty dishes immediately before they attract pests. For instance, create a no-shoes inside culture for your family and visitors. Shoes carry a lot of dirt and contamination into the house. They may appear clean but remember dust particles that you can’t see remain on the floors and carpets.

You can leave shoes in the hallways and have indoor flipflops ready for anyone who comes inside and needs to keep their feet warm on a chilly day. That eliminates shoe contaminants from your carpets and couches.

In addition to that, keep the trash bin outside the house or tightly closed to eliminate any odors and keep away houseflies. If you have a compost bin, squeeze lemon juices to control odors and keep it closed.

Use healthy renovation materials.

We do home renovations from time to time. That makes a perfect opportunity to use healthy building materials such as odorless paints that are less toxic. When upgrading your home, you can try integrating vinyl floors that are a healthy alternative compared to tiles since it is free from indentations or grooves that trap dirt. You can also try using open brick walls to avoid wall paint.

During home, renovations should be the time to upgrade your home to a healthy and less toxic living environment. Also, remember to create chilling out zones in your green backyard or front yard. That offers you a place to catch some air, enjoy outdoor dinners, relax, read books, or host friends in a fresh, relaxing environment.

The final words

Creating a healthy living environment not only takes care of your health but provides you with a comfortable and happy living environment.

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